I’m Sophia Cao, a high school student who did Medicine in Tanzania from July 8th to July 21st. New perspectives came into light during these two weeks as I helped out in medical outreaches at Maasai Villages as well as primary schools. This blog tells my adventure in a whole new country with 26 other volunteers. I discovered this program through Projects Abroad which is a volunteer abroad organization established in 1992 that provides a variety of opportunities for high school students to intern and learn. Joining this medical program enabled me to help others in third world countries who are affected by HIV and other diseases.

Since I was little, I’ve always wanted to do something that relates to medicine because my grandparents suffered from Alzhemier’s disease and cancer. Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive illness that destroys memory functions. Soon losing both my grandpas, their deaths inspired me to follow a career path in medicine so I could help and save others who also experience diseases. Joining Projects Abroad provided me a learning experience that changed my views on the world and granted me the chance to meet new people in a totally different country. Becoming part of this program had been a wonderful opportunity and a major step to my goal of becoming a medical student.

IMPORTANT: I would like to bring awareness to the issues I saw throughout my journey: lack of water and hygiene, poverty, hunger issues, and many more. These problems have caused major health problems including marasmus and kwashiokor (two types of malnutrition). With five minutes of your time to read my blog, these issues would become more prominent and more and more people would begin to see the importance of helping the next generation of African children as well as others in Africa. Thank you in advance for reading “Lovin Africa.”



Sophia Cao

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