Kivani Sand Dam Project Underway!

SEPTEMBER 1ST, 2017: Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your generous donations to my Lovin Africa Project. Recently after we reached our goal of around $500, I discovered that the money we raised throughout August will be contributing to the Kivani Community in Southeastern Kenya.

The Kivani Commuity is made up of three different villages: the Mukimwani Village, Kivani Village, and Katitu Village. In total, this sub-location houses 5,202 people, but a water source is only able to support 350-500 people. With other support contributors, the Lovin Africa Project will aid in the impact of 500 people on October 15th, 2017. During this day, the Kivani Community Sand Dam Project will be fully installed, altering the African people’s lives. These sand dams are able to transform dry river beds into oases for the villagers. This will convert their environments into healthy areas where fresh, clean water is available. Right now, a sand dam is under construction in the Kivani Community in which will later greatly improve sanitation and hygiene.

I cannot express enough how thankful I am to you all for providing me the chance of at least impacting some lives as a high schooler through donations. I have also, with my family, donated separately to the cause and look forward to the end result of the project. These people need love and hope, and I believe that we are able to give them just that through advocating and bringing awareness towards their situations.

Sand Dam



More information on the Kivani Community Sand Dam Project will be available at:

(Lovin Africa Project will be listed below under the support contributors)

Thank you,

Sophia Cao


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