It’s Freezing Cold!

JULY 16TH AT 3:00 PM: I’m freezing and trembling. Why? OUR GROUP WENT TO MOUNT MERU WATERFALLS!

Today, we began with a guided hike at Mount Meru Waterfalls. With the four-week volunteers, we all hiked up a path and then down to the waterfalls. I didn’t know what to expect, but when we arrived, the waterfall was beautiful.

Mt. Meru



Arriving at the waterfall, we all started taking thousands of pictures.

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Look At That Face 🙂

The coordinators then told us that we could go swimming. Everyone switched into their swimming attire, but when they stepped into the water, they all stepped back out. They all screamed that it was freezing cold! I was hesitant to go in for awhile, but I didn’t want to regret not going in afterwards. When I stepped in, well, I became numb after a few seconds. We all had an enjoyable time splashing around and didn’t want it to end.


Soon, our waterfall hike was over and the day was coming to a stop. We hiked our way back for around forty minutes, tired and drained. As we arrived back at theHaus hostel, we longed that the waterfall hike didn’t end. Our two-week trip had turned into one week, and we became saddened by the thought. Well, let’s see how much more fun we would have this week!



Sophia Cao

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