Adorable Children Everywhere

JULY 20TH AT 12:00 PM: We went to a primary school today! These little cuties running around chasing each other. Who wouldn’t love this?

In the morning, we went on a bus to a Masai school in order to teach them hygiene and nutrition. When we arrived, THERE WERE CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! This was my area of expertise. I love children. Getting off the bus, we ran to play with the children as they all made grabbing motions so they could be carried. There was nothing better than this. One little girl tried to make me carry her over and over again! She then wanted my phone! This little devil! Well, I allowed her to play on it (of course on Snapchat).

A Shy Adorable Cutie




Soon afterwards, it was time to teach the young kids. We all went back into the classrooms where we taught them how to wash their hands. They were so adorable when they watched us with wide cute eyes trying to understand what we were doing. Eventually, our teaching was over so we started playing games. In our room, we began playing “Duck, Duck, Goose,” but in the other room, THE VOLUNTEERS WERE TEACHING THE KIDS HOW TO DAB.


Ah! I cannot express the amount of joy I experienced when I was there. I seriously wish it didn’t have to end and we could hang out with them forever.


Well, it was soon time to leave and we hugged the kids one by one. I will miss those little rascals so much!

A Picture Mess, But Memorable



Sophia Cao

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