Hakuna Matata

JULY 15TH AT 6:00 PM: SAFARI DAY! Today was indescribable. Although there were lots of up and downs, it was a fun time with the whole group!

The morning started off a little bit rough. When the safari truck came, we were shocked and so excited to enter it.


Well, it smelled like piss and animal poop. Oh whatever. Nothing could ruin my morning. Oh wait. There is. When we thought we were leaving for the safari, we instead waited near the supermarket for an hour doing nothing. Why? In Africa, there is something known as the “polepole nature.” That means that time doesn’t control them, but they instead control time by doing what they want slowly. In the beginning, us volunteers thought it was kind of cool, but sooner or later we were becoming agitated. Finally, we left for the safari hoping it was going to be a good day!

Around 9:00, we arrived at the safari. We were all jumping up and down our seats for we were super excited to see the animals. Mainly the giraffes. During our safari course, we saw lots of animals including zebras and elephants. Below are some extraordinary safari pictures taken by my bestie Kyra!


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Love These People

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Soon, it became time to leave and we were exhausted from the whole day. Instead of leaving though, all the safari drivers stopped at a crafts store. It was cool experiencing a new souvenir shop, but we were all tired from the long journey. After shopping at the small store, we went back into the truck and then BOOM. Gigantic bugs came out of nowhere and infiltrated the safari truck. All the girls started screaming (including me) as the other volunteers in the other trucks looked at us weirdly. We finally got the bugs out, but then we had to wait in the truck for thirty more minutes. Waiting. And Waiting. Why were we waiting? Because of course, polepole. The girls in the truck were becoming irritated and we started chanting “Sam” over and over again. Sam, our safari driver, finally heard us and we were so happy that we were leaving. But wait. The truck wouldn’t start. But here comes the fun part. The volunteers in our truck (all girls) got out and started pushing the truck to get it moving so Sam could start it. We finally got it started after a few pushes.


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On our way back, we laughed and talked about the incident. After awhile, we became bored so we began the competition of who could get someone outside to say “Mambo” back at us. I won. Duh. Well, sooner or later a hitchhiker came and started talking to us. We discovered his name was Peter and he was such a sweet guy. He shortly had to leave, but we were glad we got to meet him.


Around 5:50 PM, we arrived back at the hostel and began the duties of laundry and taking a shower. Today was tiring, but extraordinary from all the events that occurred. I actually wish I could go back in time and experience it again. Until tomorrow!



Sophia Cao

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