Dancing my Way Through Arusha

JULY 12TH AT 3:00 PM: This morning, we experienced an educational HIV/TB Workshop as well as a clinic visit with Dr. Lynette. It was a two-hour long lecture that felt never-ending, but was an informative learning session. We then had a medical outreach training taught by Dr. Kivuyo for tomorrow’s journey to Engikaret, the rural area.

8:00 PM: The last hours have been extraordinary. At the Vijiji Resturant, we experienced traditional drumming and dancing before dinner! It was such a fun experience and I cannot express the amount of laughter I had with the other volunteers.


African Drumming and Dancing Performance

After the drumming and dancing performance, the Africans then taught us how to dance. We wore African skirts as well as hats to illustrate their culture. I’ve had dance training since I was four years old so the dance choreography was easy to pick up, but for the guys…well…I couldn’t stop laughing at them :).

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It was a marvelous event as we all laughed at each other’s dance moves, and enjoyed hanging out with one another. By the end of the lesson, we were all dripping in sweat with our mouths hurting from smiling too much. Soon, dinner came and I HAD PENNE PESTO PASTA! It was a lively relaxing day and we couldn’t wait for what tomorrow had in store for us!


Sophia Cao

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